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My Experience

I have been involved both working and training in the fitness industry for over 10 years with a background in Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, Holistic Massage and a massive appetite for succeeding. Some of the fitness clubs I have worked at include Fitness First, The Gym Group and easyGym located in Oxford Circus, Central London. Having studied Sports Therapy at CCFE Dublin, I gained the necessary tools to build my solid foundation which I continue to build on today.

My Philosophy

Despite acquiring so much experience, my passion for Personal Training grows more and more each day and I am a firm believer that you will never stop learning if you keep your eyes, ears and mind open. It’s easy to stay in the comfort zone but that’s what separates so many of us in all walks of life, the difference between succeeding or not.

Nowadays Personal Trainers are a “dime a dozen” and finding one that understands the true meaning can be difficult. This is why I invested years into studying Sports therapy covering subjects such as anatomy & physiology, sports nutrition and to complement it further various forms of massage. Giving someone motivation or patting them on the back is the easy part but ultimately it is the results that count. The beauty about the fitness industry is that it is enormously vast and continues to evolve with new trends and modern scientific research that we have to adapt to and it’s something I certainly relish. After all knowledge is power!!

My Methodology

Since moving to London and having the pleasure of continuing my work as a freelance Personal trainer in the fitness industry it has been a challenge meeting the demands of my clients on each individual basis but one that has been and continues to be something very rewarding. I want my clients to look forward to training, to feel excited, to finish the session with that feel good factor. Whether that's at Fitness First, The Gym Group, easyGym, the local park or the comfort of your own home, my objectives remain the same. I believe in taking things one step at a time, making small changes will eventually become big changes. It's a marathon not a sprint.

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